LS-One Retail

LS One is a complete retail system that fits any type of retailer, from fashion to groceries. Rapid to implement and easy to learn, LS One makes it simple for small and large retailers to provide a superior customer experience while also benefitting from a robust set of management tools.

Store Management

LS One includes an intuitive back-office system that can manage single and multiple locations. It provides control over your business with a complete set of features and management capabilities that enhances your company’s ability to thrive and accelerates access to information. You can edit and configure items, customers, store settings and more with the ability to control POS and receipt design and layouts all in one place. Powerful reporting functionality will help you to interpret and understand your data so you can easily plan your business’ future. Whether you need reports on top selling items, customer transactions, sales per hour/staff/customer or more, LS One is your solution.

Store Management highlights:

  • Store and terminal setup
  • Inventory management
  • Reports/report engine
  • Goods receiving
  • Excel importing
  • Stock counting
  • Purchasing
  • Item setup
  • Analytics

Point of Sale (POS)

The LS One POS is a versatile POS that handles all necessary point of sale operations in today’s retail environment. It has an easy-to-use, graphical user interface that can be localized and customized with the touch of a button. And because LS One is 100% touchscreen capable, running LS One on a Windows 8 tablet opens up a wide variety of customer service options. LS One brings simple power and efficiency to retail organizations and includes a wide range of enhancements to standard point-of-sale software.

POS feature highlights:

  • Dynamic user interface
  • Dual display
  • Multiple tender payments
  • Promotions
  • Multiple discount options
  • Customer-specific prices & discounts
  • Exchanges, refunds & voids
  • Suspend/resume transaction
  • Additional information
  • Gift cards/Credit vouchers
  • Inventory lookup
  • Item variants