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CRM Event Manager

Streamline Events and Budget Spending with Sage CRM

The CRM Event Manager takes all the main concepts of Event Management and Membership maintenance and delivers a pragmatic and highly effective management tool that is installed on top of the Sage CRM platform. It is completely integrated into Sage CRM so that all the benefits of CRM including designs of user interface, searching, reporting and document management are available.

What’s New?

  • Fully Compatible with Sage CRM 7.2
  • Multi Browser Compatible (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari)

Other Features:

    • Event Pricing & Sponsorship – allows multi pricing for different profiled attendees & tracks sponsorship fees.
    • German & French Market Support
    • Improved Chart Technology introduced in Sage CRM 7.1
    • Integrated Web Portal that allows your clients to search & register for available events online.
    • Includes Membership Management in Person and Company entities
    • Ability to import a Group to Attendance List
    • Ability to export an Attendance List as Group
    • Expenditure Tab Added
    • Budget Management added
    • Ability to Group Events through Sub Event
    • Enbu Business Manager Tabs added


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    The Event Management Facility provides the ability to create articulate profiled information on your Event including all critical metrics for the Event. Therein it is required to regulate the communications and contacts around the Event itself including the Attendees themselves, Supplier, Partners, etc. During the Event Life Cycle, it is expected to evolve various facets of business around the Event, including business Opportunities, Customer Service enquiries and issues and even Leads for new business.


    In this Tab you control the event attendance. You can add individuals to the event and remove them. You can also set their attendance status, ’Cancelled’, ’Confirmed’, or ’Pending’. To add a person to the event then their membership must be enabled.


    The Event Manager utilises CRM functionality by allowing Groups created through MyCRM to be imported directly into the Attendee List.
    A new Group is created in CRM with all the functionality of CRM Groups, including Group Email, for Event updates

    Every Member can attend an Event, based on the criteria allowed for each Event. This can be base on logical rules set up within the Event workflow.