Sage CRM Resource Management Powered by Enbu Consulting

Gain full visual control of Resources within Sage CRM

The CRM Resource Planner is used to diary and manage the use of each of the Resource based Users available in Sage CRM. In our example, we are using a delivery company who use the resource planner to book delivery vehicles as the Resource to be managed.

What’s New in Resource Planner?

Change resources on top or on the left; can be set globally by administrator or for each user
Select what calendar to be used (standard CRM calendar or default resource planner calendar)
Improved performance by using AJAX call to render the grid
Quick create/edit/delete meeting or meeting status changing using right click context menu actions
Send email to resources containing details about their scheduled meetings

Other Features:

View by Day, Week and Month mode.
Completely customizable CRM screens so you can decide what is actually displayed inside the cell. This also allows you to link any primary, secondary or custom entity to the resource.
Enhanced drag & drop functionality with advanced conflict management – eliminating the risk of double booking a resource and/or a user that is busy at that time.
Resource colour configuration so you can decide what colour is allocated to each resource.
Complex and customizable filter boxes – so you can filter out resources which make up the grid or display actions that meets your certain criteria (eg: Meeting with the status of Pending for user Peter Johnson within that day, week or month).
Download pdf

Download pdf

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