Cashbook for Sage ERP X3 Powered by Parity Software


Harness the power of Parity’s Cashbook for effortless bank reconciliation within a centralised location, whilst seamlessly integrating into Sage ERP X3 In business most of the transactions relate to receipt of cash, payments of cash, sale of goods and purchase of goods. So it is convenient to have separate books for each such class of transaction. Cashbook records the receipts and payment of cash. With the help of cashbook, cash and bank balance can be checked at any point in time.

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AP Recon

Parity Software’s AP Recon meets the business issue of prompt, effortless payments to Suppliers. Reconcile the supplier statement to the documents within Sage ERP X3, allowing for rapid, accurate and efficient payment of Suppliers Documents.

Many businesses require an accurate process of reconciling supplier documents to documents within Sage ERP X3. AP Recon provides a solution which enables the user to control which documents are paid, using features such as Match and Auto Match, Auto Pay Documents and placing documents on hold.

Discounts and Rebates can be taken into account when reconciling.

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Debit clearing

Debit clearing is about creating debit orders. It is for the company that has the facility to instruct payment deduction from the bank accounts of their customers who agreed to it.

The Debit clearing module is used to retrieve and collate outstanding, payable invoices recorded in Accounts Receivable. Debit Clearing will create a debit order batch file that can be submitted to the bank for collection.

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