Sage ERP X3 Chemical Manufacturing Software

High Visibility Budgeting and Forecasting

Sage ERP X3 Chemical Manufacturing Software

Chemical manufacturers need flexible, industry-specific business solutions to help them improve their competitiveness and keep pace with ever-changing regulatory and quality assurance issues.

Recognizing that chemical companies have varying needs in dealing with the use of hazardous materials, Sage ERP X3 Suites offer a choice of solutions ranging from linked Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) attachments to full-featured, integrated third-party solutions.

The key features that drive the success of an Sage ERP implementation in this environment include:

Powerful unit-of-measure conversion to manage complexities in dealing with metric measurements or conversions from liquids to solids or gases to liquids.

Fully-integrated quality control process that can rigorously enforce inspections to ensure conformance to required characteristics and operational tolerances.

Ability to conduct inspections during receiving or at any stage of the production and packaging processes.

All Rules-based system ensures that suspicious items or those that fail any inspection rules are automatically quarantined.
Complete system navigation by business process for fast user adoption.

Quotation Processing ensures that a record of all previous purchases is displayed and creates the basis for monthly proposals. This list is usually filtered to available contract purchases and any new prices can update the master file to ensure fast and efficient sales order processing.

Container Management manages stock and automatically proposes the most suitable container.

Import Tracking allows tracking of imported goods from the time of shipping through to loading on the container and subsequently the vessel used until receipted in your warehouse. This allows for complete transparency in the supply chain and permits multiple landed costs to be accurately handled.

Warehouse management is entirely integrated in the suite and ensures proper management of picking and put-aways, as well as efficient utilization of warehouse space.

Management of formulae and recipes, potency, by-products, multiple packaging units per product, shelf-life, lot control and traceability, specific gravity and weight calculations.

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