Sage ERP X3 – Discrete Manufacturing Software

Sage ERP X3 for Discrete Manufacturing will encourage collaboration and innovation to get new products to market quicker. It will make production better and cheaper, improving customer service.

The SAFE X3 platform proposes a dedicated and integrated connector to manage Product Life Cycle Management solution integrating, Bills of Materials (BOM) from Computer Aided Design (CAD) and manages their life cycles. For each new project, you can define and track the tasks, monitor time and manage costs. This improves the new product development process through better collaboration between R&D and production departments.

Real-time control and visibility of production schedules, capacity, shop floor activities and an overview of cost control all contribute to improved productivity. Sage ERP X3 is flexible and powerful enough to allow you to switch from make to stock to make to order and mixed order. It also tracks manufacturing processes through the Manufacturing Execution System as Sage ERP X3 provides a dedicated and standard connector to your complementary solutions.

Using the integrated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) functions, Sage ERP X3 provides a comprehensive view of your customer information. You can quickly determine order status and product availability, for each project, a progress report and financial balance sheet. The CRM function can also manage the after-sales support service with monitoring of equipment delivered to each customer and analysis of all activities.


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