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Electronic Data Management for Sage ERP X3

Sage EDM

The Sage ERP X3 EDM Solution is a practical and efficient way to deal with paper where we need to and to eliminate it wherever possible. The EDM Solution comprises of a range of modules not only for storing documents electronically but also for generating and delivering documents electronically and for capturing email and paper documents. Features: Electonic Document Delivery, Electronic Document Management, Scan station, and Supplier Invoice data capture process.

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Electronic Data Management Powered by Spindle Professional

Enhanced document distribution and archiving for Sage 300 ERP Award-winning Spindle Professional can help companies to significantly enhance their document distribution and archiving processes from Sage 300 ERP. From invoices and statements to sales orders and remittance advices, Spindle Professional is a specialist document distribution solution that will streamline and automate the delivery of any outgoing business communication.
Spindle Professional instantly delivers outgoing documents in just one click, significantly reducing admin time, whilst helping to improve your company’s image and making it easy to store and retrieve electronically archived documents.

Reduces administration time – instant document distribution allows staff to focus on more productive tasks
Automatically archives documents – saves time manually filing and retrieving documents and helps to eliminate filing errors and control file naming
Instantly delivers documents – no need for the use of third party software to confirm access to Outlook
Improves internal communication – relevant contacts, such as sales people & customer service, can be copied in to emails to stay informed about customer communications
Secure & tax compliant PDFs – sends 128 bit encrypted PDFs as standard, with the optional use of Adobe CDS advanced digital signatures
Improves company image – logos and company branding can be added to documents, with different form designs and stationery sets available as required
Pre-designed emails – HTML email templates can be personalised with account details and include logos and company branding
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DocuVision eDMS(Enterprise Document Management System) for Sage ERP X3.

Through its’ suite of eDMS modules, DocuVision can help customers to manage any document type, in paper and digital form. A very large quantity of documents are generated daily by Sage ERP X3 and other add on business applications.

DocuVision eDMS is tightly integrated with X3 by allowing most of the functionality to be performed from within customer selectable X3 screens to give users access and to add documents at transaction or master account level.

DocuVision eDMS comes in different versions to cater for all sizes of business from single to unlimited users. Being integrated into Sage ERP X3 we are able to leverage the data and knowledge that exists in Sage ERP X3. This includes the ability to verify all documents against Sage ERP X3. By leveraging this data, we are able to allow users to search by any data field that exists in the ERP relating to a transaction or master account. The final advantage comes with our ability to run missing document reports by comparing documents not captured in eDMS but generated inSage ERP X3, allowing customers to manage the RISKS that missing documents can cause, such as bad debts, correct payments to suppliers, etc.

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