Sage ERP X3 Mining, Oil and Gas

Sage ERP X3 Mining Oil Software

End-to-end Mining Suite

The Sage ERP X3 Mining suite covers all aspects of mining from financial to operational data using a combination of specific modules to form a flexible and easy to implement mining blueprint to deliver a single version of the truth to the Board.

The Sage ERP Mining suite is truly scalable and using the same solution, Sage assists mines to expand through the lifecycle of feasibility, mineral exploration, reserve definition, development and extraction through to ore processing. Moreover, Sage can manage both contracted operations as well as owner managed operations.

The solution covers a powerful combination of financial, distribution, costing, scheduling, maintenance and production tools that can be implemented as needed. The key components of a solution for mining involves an easy to use workflow driven set of processes to manage procurement, production, budgeting, maintenance and internal cost requisitions. Creating the reporting and input dimensions and frequencies allows accurate costing at detailed process level and transactional analysis to the shaft or area, responsibility centre and/or equipment.
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End-to-end Petrochemical Suite

Petrochemical manufacturers need flexible, industry-specific business solutions to help them improve their competitiveness and keep pace with ever-changing regulatory and quality assurance issues. Recognizing that chemical companies have varying needs in dealing with the use of hazardous materials, Sage ERP X3 petrochemical suite offers a choice of solutions ranging from linked Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) attachments to full featured, integrated third-party solutions

Download Sage ERP X3 Mining, Oil and Gas pdf