Sage ERP X3 Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage

Sage ERP X3 Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage

End-to-end Pharmaceutical Suite

Manufacturers and distributors in the pharmaceutical industry are increasingly under pressure to maintain their competitiveness whilst complying with an increasing array of regulatory requirements. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products need flexible industry-specific functionality in order to comply with international regulations from the FDA such as CFR 21 Part 11.

Sage ERP X3 supports these organizations by providing them with automated support for mission critical functions such as process or batch manufacturing, formulation management, weight calculations and potency. Essential requirements such as lot control, shelf-life and traceability are managed within the system, whilst integrated quality control processes rigorously enforce inspections to assure item conformance.
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End-to-end Food and Beverage Suite

Ever changing and more stringent regulations means companies in the Food & Beverage industry need flexibility in their software as they need to adjust and re-evaluate their systems and processes. With consumers becoming increasingly concerned with food safety and quality, governments have been forced to impose stricter legislations. Food and beverage companies are therefore assessing crucial functions such as ingredient and lot traceability, as well as quality control procedures, to see how well they comply with the new requirements. Sage ERP X3 is a natural fit for these companies. It allows food and beverage companies to take control of the supply chain while optimising materials management, production, warehousing and distribution with easy to use visual processes.

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