Sage ERP X3 Retail Management Software

End-to-end Retail Suite

Sage ERP X3 Retail Management

Globalization has made the Retail market more competitive but at the same time, has created amazing opportunities for retailers to grow. Taking advantage of these opportunities requires more flexible and more efficient management systems.

Whether your strategy is to expand into new geographic markets, source new suppliers, acquire or merge with other companies or improve logistics operations in the domestic market, you’ll need a management system that handles global exchanges in a more efficient way and is capable of adapting to your organization’s changes.

Sage solutions for Retail operate successfully in many retail environments across Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Oman and Bahrain, without boundaries. By using stand-alone, remote dial-up or LAN and WAN technologies, we cater for the needs of single stores or groups of stores in multiple metropolitan locations.

Sage Retail software has robust administrative features and deliver customised reports to meet individual store management or group management needs. Quick, clear comparisons of current and historic data around customers, sales, stock movement and logistics enable the right decisions to be made at the right times at any location, worldwide.

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