Sage ERP X3 Warehouse Management Software

Sage Geode

The Suppy Chain software that simplifies managing distribution Channels

Sage Geode is a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that will optimize the available space and logistical operations within the warehouse, from receiving to shipping. Sage Geode integrates seamlessly with automated conveyor systems.

Sage Geode, provides your company with International Support for all development requirements, thanks to Sage’s presence around the world in all major countries. The optional Web Based Architecture allows multi structured companies to have a centralized database, while also offering remote sites and company branches the option to operate independently.

Sage Geode was designed by professionals and complies with international standards and all types of companies and distribution service providers in various sectors: Logistic Suppliers, Industrialists working in all sectors, Distribution and Trading companies, Healthcare Institutions, Agricultural Corporation, etc. Several hundred warehouses are currently equipped with the Sage Geode solutions in France and internationally for over 1,500 customers, from SMEs to major corporations.

Sage Geode product offering (Standard, Advanced, and Premium) allows flexibility to satisfy the unique distribution requirements of any type of company. Distribution processes are easily optimized by Sage Geode, providing the highest level of performance.