Business Continuity (BCP) Disaster Recovery (DR) Services

All businesses today rely on technology and communications in order to operate effectively. Everything from keeping track of inventory, invoicing, customer records, sales records and intellectual property such as documents and media is stored on computers. Large enterprises can afford the luxury of purchasing equipment for “Disaster Recovery” but this is often perceived to be beyond the reach of small and medium enterprises. With the rapid advance of technology and cloud computing this is no longer the case and this service offering is designed to address this need.

Business Continuity Planning Assessment

This short engagement will allow our experts to review the business and the technology in use in the day to day operations. It will typically include a series of interviews and visits to the business premises and remote locations. If the business is widely dispersed a sample of remote locations will usually suffice. On completion our consultant will have a clear understanding of the technology in use and will be able to provide a report on the steps the business can take to mitigate the failure of any one or more components in the chain.

Business Continuity Recommendations

This report will be developed on your premises by one of our consultants and will recommend technology and services that could be deployed to provide business continuity with the least expense. The best case scenario is the solution should be in daily use and geographically dispersed so it’s always available. If for example email is critical to your business it should not be hosted on a single server in house. It also inefficient to have a completely redundant data center full of hardware which is essentially sitting idle. If there are regulatory restrictions on where sensitive data can be stored this will be noted and planned for.

Business Continuity Implementation

SCST can engage and provide resources to assist in the implementation of the recommendations above or can be called upon to do Quality Assurance at key points in the implementation. Many business regulations require that a BCP plan is written for the company and that it is updated regularly and tested at least once a year. Our consultant can write this plan in conjunction with your employees and provide a test plan.

Business Continuity Annual Review

It is often the case that a business will implement a Business continuity plan and then not update it for many years. It can pay dividends to review it annually as there may well be a better and cheaper way to provide a service. Our team can conduct an annual review and revise the plan accordingly.