Cloud Services

Craft a cloud and IT solution for a SECURE AND AGILE BUSINESS

Our cloud consulting can help you update your IT strategy and operate with confidence by helping you conquer the challenges associated with managing dispersed technologies, maintaining consistent application performance, and providing secure access. With SCST Cloud and Professional Services, you can:

  • Improve how you store and manage data.
  • Support an environment that adjusts to changing business conditions.
  • Maintain consistent application, network, and device performance.
  • Protect your infrastructure, secure sensitive data, and combat risk.
  • Boost productivity with innovative applications and devices.
  • Free up IT resources and control operating costs

SCST Cloud Consulting and Professional Services help you manage IT and computing resources, while staying on target for project timelines and cost controls. Our hundreds of experts in technology, strategy, planning, design, and implementation can help design a modular portfolio of solutions covering:

Cloud and Virtualization Professional Services:

Improve efficiency by implementing a plan that reduces your server footprint, controls costs and makes full use of your data and resources.

Data Centre Professional Services:

Build a strategic plan to meet your business and technology demands that includes, data center requirements, improved application and infrastructure performance.

Application Performance Professional Services:

Combine in-depth expertise and industry best practices to get the most out of your application platforms, improve performance and deploy mission-critical applications effectively and efficiently

Business Continuity and Storage Professional Services

Protect your business by intelligently managing data storage and security requirements and disaster-proofing communications

Security Professional Services

Our security experts will help deliver powerful cloud security for organizations of all sizes and across all industries. Our experts will assist your business with identity and access management, risk and compliance and information security.